Effortless because making music should be for everyone

Effortless was developed with the aim of using your iPhone or Ipad to allow you to express yourself musically. Effortless makes sure you play the right notes so that you can enjoy the freedom of expressing yourself musically. You control when the notes are played-how quickly or slowly and how loud or soft they are - these are the elements that give expression in a performance.

Please let me know the features you would like or any bugs you find.Contact me effortlesspiano@gmail.com

Using Effortless

Effortless has two main parts. The first page shows the music available to you.

You do not need to be able to read music. The main thing is to know how the piece sounds. If you are not sure how it should sound Effortless gives you several ways that you can listen. Use the YouTube Option on either page. Or Autoplay,or play from the Navigation screen.

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